Deerfield Construction’s employees possess the following types of Training / Certifications though our partnerships with the organizations listed above or through our very own Certified In-House Trainers.

Through our ongoing commitment to training and new technology, we are able to offer our clients a highly-skilled and dynamic workforce ready to take on jobs and projects of all types.

Authorized Climber

The Authorized Climber program is designed to prepare individuals with little or no experience to be able to safely climb and work on various types and sizes of towers. This course combines the cognitive and the psychomotor domains of training, which assures that the student will develop the knowledge base necessary to safely climb and work on towers, as well as the practical skill sets necessary to be able to safely perform his or her duty.

This course will address a variety of subject areas including, regulatory safety standards, equipment commonly used, engineering controls, work practice controls, and return demonstrations. Upon completion of this program, the authorized climber should be able to demonstrate proper knowledge, understanding, and application of the equipment used, as well as safe practices to be employed at all time that he or she is working on the tower.

OSHA 10 Hour Course for the Construction Industry

This course, as prescribed by OSHA, provides safety training to workers in the construction industry in basic hazards they are normally faced with. To achieve compliance, this course includes the required OSHA course content and is instructed by OSHA certified instructors.

Tower Rescue and Competent Climber

This course has been reviewed by OSHA and exceeds the minimum requirements set by OSHA for the tower erection industry. Course contents includes, but is not limited to: rescue training, knowledge of fall arrest systems, anchors, and Accident Reporting procedures. The course is taught by vertical rescue specialists and experts in the tower erection industry.

Advanced Understanding of Rigging and Ropes

This course will teach the student the industry standards applicable to most communications related rigging techniques. Taught by the Crosby Group, Inc. this course provides rigging standards, uses and applications for slings, shackles, and hooks to workers in the construction industry in order to impart the most efficient and safe methods of use.

Tower Erection Basics

This course combines classroom and hands-on instruction to teach and expose the student to the basic techniques and standards necessary to erect the most common communication towers, utilizing industry standards applicable to basic tower erection.

RF Safety and Hazard Awareness

This course combines RF safety and site and equipment signage, as prescribed by industry and OSHA standards, trains students in the telecommunication construction industry the recommended site and equipment associated signage and hazard communication to be utilized on the typical communications construction job site to assure personnel and equipment safety. Students are also trained in RF hazards, and ways to protect themselves from RF health and safety risks.

Hoist Operator Training

This is a comprehensive training course that teaches proper overhead hoist and crane operation and OSHA-required daily inspection techniques.


Construction professionals and supervisors will benefit from this comprehensive course as they apply OSHA policies, standards, and procedures to construction safety and health.

Fork Truck Training

This course combines hands-on operation and classroom techniques to teach safety training of all types of industrial lift trucks. It includes training of all applicable OSHA safety codes for fork truck operation, load handling, equipment handling, and daily inspection procedures.

Competent Person Certification

Participants who complete this course will be certified to be a competent person as recognized and required by OSHA on the telecommunications construction site..

Microwave Training – 8 Hours

This training course includes identification, application, and installation & alignment of microwave related equipment and antennas. Training is provided by manufacturers’ representatives along with CITCA instructors.

Sweep Test Training – 16.5 Hours

This course is an intense two-day instructor led training course on RF line sweep theory and technology. Instruction includes knowledge of RF line sweep training, proper Site Master Operation, understanding system components and performance, maintenance, theory and application.

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